Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

About Me

AlvinWelcome to my Blog,

My name is Alvin Bregman. I’m an Education student in the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. I ‘ve a a minor in Human Geography, along with a bachelors of Science degree with Biology as my major. I’m in the teacher program that is secondary. My teaching areas are Social Studies and Biology. I finished my internship practicum at Oskayak High School. I got a powerful passion for the incorporation of inquiry and technology in the classroom. I’m instructed in teaching Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA). I train the grade 9 Bedford Road JHL hockey team. J had the experience of teaching abroad for more than a year. In addition, I love reading, animals, nature, travelling and sports. Follow my Website as I enlarge my network and resources and research every area of Instruction. Don’t hesitate to comment and share resources too. Thank you and appreciate.

Alvin Bregman